A Morning

The sunlight fell on her hand as she held the cup of tea. She saw it’s light, the motes of dust stirring gentle wonder, the deep speckled blue mug. She felt the sun’s warmth on her hand, the solidity of the mug, slight roughness. She touched the brightness of her mind. Continuing to sink into the world, she felt the firmness of the wooden chair below her, slightly uncomfortable. Confidence and tenderness rose into her heart as she settled into the morning. Feeling the harmony in her being, she sipped her tea and oriented herself toward the day. There was a guest in the village, a scout returning from the borderlands, on his way to Dawn. Her friends, agitation and curiosity appeared- she hadn’t met the visitor, or had the chance to hear the news he was bearing. Seeing them, she smiled. David had school today as it was Friday, and she’d take him soon. Then there was work to continue in the garden, more spinach and broccoli to harvest- wait, first more attending to her fellow cos. She released, breathing in deeply and exhaling slowly, relaxing her already accelerating body and mind.

Elizabeth had only moved to the Federation seven months ago and she knew the seeds of her dignity were still just sprouting, long dormant in the dark of modern culture. She could see it expressed through the elders here, and especially the children- the way they moved attentively, with ease and confidence, the power when they spoke sometimes, the depth of each of their unique gazes. Encouraged, she thought again of the day.


De-Creation Story

Great mother Sky was crying the warm tears of sadness again. Kulma had left, slipped away, though she knew he’d be back. The tears fell into the world, healing all they touched and slowly melting the icy hardness that he had left behind. Mother Sky was relieved. His visits always touched her, even though she knew they would pass. It always seemed so tenuous, as her warmth and strength dwindled, so uncertain. She blessed his passing, turned her heart toward gratitude, and whispered “Thank you, Kulma, you are always welcome.” You see, she loves him, as she loves all who pass through her.

As her warm tears fell into the world, they healed Kulma’s imprint: they melted the great glaciers, thawed the frozen earth, extinguished the raging fires and washed away the clouds of ash. The melting glaciers flooded the earth, embracing and dissolving all that had been constructed. Soon the ocean and mother sky was all there was, and all was peaceful. Sun, Moon, and Stars had emerged as the dark ash clouds dwindled and resumed their mysterious dance. They soared, twirled, and played, moved by fathomless joy. The ocean sparkled under their gentle radiance.

Remember, the world is a reflection of mother Sky’s heart. So as life returned to her, deep currents in the ocean began to flow. Stronger and stronger they coursed, faster and faster. Under the dance of the Sky’s daughters, the ocean churned. The waters carried rich soil to the surface, forming the continents. The stones followed, pushing up into mountains.

Sky mother’s sadness was abating, her heart cleansed and fresh. One last tear fell from her eyes toward the world. Floating toward the earth, it was kissed by a ray of sunlight, casting a rainbow across the sky. Sky mother felt content with the perfection of all things. As her peaceful sadness expanded the rainbow too expanded. It spiraled and branched, running throughout the world. As it spread, it began to take on forms: owls, lizards, bears, beetles, humans (us!), and all the myriad animals. We crawled onto land, slithered into the waters, and soared into the sky.